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Chapal Nahi Ati – Funny Sms

Arz Kya Hai

Chapal Choti Ho To Paon Mei Nhi ati

wah wah

Chapal Choti Ho To Paon Mei Nhi ati

\(‘,’) girlFRIND
‘..(> Moti Ho
to Bahon

More Bigger Hit

3 Idiots Would Have Been a More Bigger Hit.

If Kareena Kapoor Would’ve Also Once Said,


“Jahanpanaah Tussi Great Ho,
Tohfa Qabool Karo”

Jumming from a Terrace

2 Men jumping frm a terrace.

1st man :This is my 50th time.

I m a Guinness record holder…

2nd man:This is my 1st time.

I m a PEPCO Share Holder.

Meray bhai thanks


Baraey Meherbani Es Msg
Ko Itna Fwd Karain K
Mere Bhai Tak Pohanch Jaey
“Oye Ammi Keh Rahi Hain Salan
K Sath 2 Naan Bhi Lay Aana

Life is very small leave it

Life is small – live it!

Every Trouble is temporary – face it!!

Memories r sweet – enjoy it!!

U r good – I agree but

I m too good
Accept it..

Successful Relation

Successful relations don’t depend on how good Understanding we have…
It depends on how nicely we avoid

Man has no interest

Teacher: Complete the sentence..
“Early to bed and early to rise..”
Student: The man has no interest in his wife”….:

Movie Ban Gai hai

Wo Movie bn gai Hai Jis mein AAP (S.A.W.W) ka mazaq uraya gya hai. 1 Arab 60 Crore Muslman mil kr Holand ki economy tbah krskte Hen is sms ko 5 mint K andar tmam doston ko 4wrd kren Ta k kal Bargah ELAHI me Shrminda na ho jb ALLAH swal kre ga K mere Habib Ki”Namos”K lye tu ne kya kiya? Plzz Frwd Kr Den ,