Sms Shortcuts B

Sms Shortcuts

b be / bee
b2 back to
b2b business to business
b4 before
b4n bye for now
bbfn bye bye for now
bbl be back later
bbs be back soon
bbsd be back soon darling
bcame became
bcbc beggars can’t be choosers
bcnu be seeing you
bcum become
bday birthday
beg big evil grin
bf boyfriend
bfn bye for now
bg big grin
bgwm be gentle with me
bion believe it or not
bmgwl busting my gut with laughter
bn been
bn being
brb be right back
byob Bring Your Own Booze
byog Bring Your Own Girl
brill brilliant
brt be right there
bta but then again
btdt been there, done that
btr better
btw by the way
bwd backward
bwl bursting with laughter

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