Sexy Gana

Sexy Gana

kal chodney ki raat thi shab bar howa na uska khara
mein ney kaha muthel hey to tab he nahi hota khara
ham bhi wahin mojood they ham bhi sab dekha kiyey
ham hans diey phir hans diey par howa na uska khara
ab is lan pey kia malein key ye soney sey uthey
mein ney kaha thook meri, us ney kaha coopa tera
ghar mein terey band ker bund teri he marein magar
ghar tera, bad tera, ami teri, abba tera
adhi raat key waqt, sanatey mein aik dam us ney kaha
ho gaya hey khara, ab maan ka phuda tera
ab maan chuda jaldi sey wasi key nechey a
aaj pharoon ga bund teri phuda teri

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3 Responses to “Sexy Gana”

  1. jaan says:

    Oyai waaaa yaar tairay ghar ki story nay tu mujhay hot ker diya aur sunaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. smsgalore says:

    A man was arrested in a political rally. Why? Because, he saw a journalist girl with a badge on her breast written PRESS He did it.

  3. smsgalore says:

    What is height of pressure? A man fucking his girlfriend in doggy style and keeping a laptop on her back to complete his office work.

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