English Funny Sms / Text Messages

English funny Messages, are highly popular and demanded by girlfriends loosing their boyfriends or when they decide to end a relationship (vice versa).English funny To fulfill their demand of sexy messages, we have taken a step to make latest & English funny sms & text messages collection that will be covering English funny text, English funny quotes and English funny poems.

Most Shocking City

What is more Useful After it is Broken? ? An Egg. Which is the most Shocking City? ? Electri-city. Name Two Things You can never Eat Before Breakfast?

take out your equipment

A mother taught her son 2 go toilet by nmbrs 1 open ur zip 2 take out ur equipment 3 pull the skin back 4 do ur busines

Sunshine of my life

Boy: You Are Sunshine of My Life. Without You Life Is Cloudy. You are in My Heart Like Rainy Water for Barren Land. Girl: Darling! Is it Proposal or Weather Report?

I will hug and kiss you

A Girl Fell Down from 20th Floor. A man Caught her on 15th floor and asked, Will you Hug me? Of course not she replied. The man Dropped her, She was caught on 10th floor by Another man, He asked, Kiss Me? No not at all she Replied. He dropped her too. She prayed for [...]

Shame On U & Me

Desperate Th0ugHT U Hurt Me Once … Shame On U … =P U Hurt Me Twice … Shame On Me … o_O

Great People Greate Thoughts

Excessive! Drinks, Babes, Cigaretes, R Enemies.. And A Man Who Runs Away From His Enemies Is A Coward… Great People Greate Thoughts!

Many times in 2009

There have been many time in 2009 when I may disturbed you troubled u irritated u bugged u . . . . today I just wanna tell you . . . . I plan to continue it in 2010.

Emptry pockets

Empty pockets never held anybody back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that. Eid Sms