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English funny Messages, are highly popular and demanded by girlfriends loosing their boyfriends or when they decide to end a relationship (vice versa).English funny To fulfill their demand of sexy messages, we have taken a step to make latest & English funny sms & text messages collection that will be covering English funny text, English funny quotes and English funny poems.

Dilbert’s Salary Theorem – English funny sms

Dilbert’s “Salary Theorem” states that “Engineers and scientists can never earn as much as business executives and sales people.” This theorem can now be supported by mathematical proof based on the following two postulates: Postulate 1: Knowledge is Power. Postulate 2: Time is Money. As every engineer knows: Power = Work / Time. Since Knowledge [...]

Things that make – you go hmm… – How come wrong -funny english – sms

How come wrong numbers are never busy? Do people in Australia call the rest of the world’up over’? Does killing time damage eternity? Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard? Why is it called lipstick if you can still move your lips? Why is it that night falls but day breaks? Why is the third hand [...]

Define a True Music Lover?

Define a True Music Lover? “A Girl singing in a Bathroom While Taking Bath and a Boy Near the Keyhole is Using His Ears Not His Eyes.” More Sms

A Successful Doctor who knows

A Successful Doctor is one who knows the art of keeping the patient busy in investigations and prescriptions till Nature Cures the Disease

I have You

The nominees for nice “FRIENDS” are: You You You You You & Only Yoouu! But The winer is Me! Why? Beacuse . . . . . . . I have you!.

i wil buy u 10 cycles

Dad: if u pass in exam i wil buy u a cycle. Son: if i fail? Dad: i wil buy u 10 cycles. Son: WhY Dad: to open a cycle shop

Guess the song

Funny Sms Yesterday in my room all my books were singing a song. Guess which song? guess! . . . O Zara zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me..

memory loss short term

Watz d similarty b/w students studyin their books & Aamir khan in ghajini? Simple, short-term memory loss, both cant remember anything after 15mins!