Good Morning Sms & Text Messages

We have very nice and decent good morning sms messages & good morning quote sms collection here. Pick a message you like most and text it to your friends for greeting / wishing them to have a beautiful good morning & the whole day.

Isaan toheen maaf kar sakta hai

“NICE WORDS” 1.”Insan apni toheen maaf kr sakta hai, bhool nahi sakta” 2. “Jis se mohabbat ki jaye us se Muqabla nahi kya jata” 3. “Kabhi na girna kamaal nahi Bal k gir k sambhal jana kamaal hai” 4. “Kisi ko Paa lena Mohabbat nahi Bal k kisi k DIL mein jaga bana lena Mohabbat [...]

Good morning messages

“Dua” “specially 4 u” (Ameen) Dil main mangi hai. good morning messages. . . .

Wait for extraordinary

D o n ‘ t W a i t F o r E x t r a o r d i n a r y C i r c u m t a n c e s T o D o G o o d T r y T o U s e O r [...]

Matchstick for a minute

Sun glows for a day, Candle for an hour, Matchstick for a minute, But a good day can glow forever, So start ur day with a SMILE Have a nice day!

Ap par pani phainkoun?

{“”}__{”’”} (‘,’) ( ¤ ELLO <) (> {__}””{__} _/ |_ Uth Jao Kya Ab Aap Per Pani Phainkun to Pata Lagega k Subah Hogae Hai? Good Morning

Morning with smile

Welcome the new morning with a “Smile on ur Face�, “Love in ur Heart�, “Good Thoughts in ur Mind� & you will hv a wonderful day. Wish you a lovely Morning..

Lot of blessing

..I.. “WISH” ‘U’ One Great morning Full of Joy Full of Love Lots of Blessings Lots of Strength * Have..A..Nice..Day *

Piyari Subhai Main

“P”I”Y”A”R”I” “S”U”B”A” “M”E”I”N” “P”I”Y”A”R”E” “SE” “D”O”S”T” “K”O” “P”I”Y”A”R”A” “S”A” “S”A”L”A”M” GOOD M0RNING