New Year Sms / 2009 Text Messages

Happy New Year, 2009 New Years Sms, Wishes, Messages, Text Sms. Bangali New Year wishes and text sms. Pakistnai New year sms and jokes.

2009 with open arms

New Year Sms Well come 2009 with open arms & pray to God for His Blessings. HAPPY NEW YEAR


New Year Sms Hai tmnaa k saal-e- nou tujh ko Har musarat se hum kinaar karey Khil uthein phool tere aangan mein Tuu agr khuwahish-e-bahaar karey Mustkurahat laboun pe ho raqsaa_n Sara aalm tujh hi sey piyar karey Tujh se har ranj door hojaye Har khushi tujh pe jaan nisaar karey Tere aanagn mein qaafley [...]

Have a great Year 2009

New Year Sms I wish U to have a ….. Sweetest Sunday, Marvellous Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Friendly Friday, Successful Saturday. Have a great Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR

New Year Address

New Year Sms Time to address a new year ….Enter Deal with the project at hand yet resolve not to dwell on past never stop dreaming even on the last exhale and find it in your heart to forgive then you will be forgiven in likeness try smile, even when sad this provokes the inner [...]

Remembrances of a happy years

New Year Sms H ours of happy times with friends and family A bundant time for relaxation P rosperity P lenty of love when you need it the most Y outhful excitement at lifes simple pleasures N ights of restful slumber (dont’ worry be happy) E verything you need W ishing you love and light [...]

who made 2008 beautiful

New Year Sms Before 2008 ends, let me Thanx all the good people like U who made ’2008′ beautiful 4me. i pray u bblssed with faithful years ahed! Coming NewYear.

Avoid the rush

New Year Sms This is to formally announce that i have started accepting new year gifts & cash , cheques, dd and choclates. Avoid the rush start sending now

New year is going to be

New Year Sms * * *NEW YEAR* * * Going To Be Started . . . & I Wanna Be The 1st Person Who’ll Wish U 12 Months Of Happiness. . . 52 Weeks Of Fun . . . 365 Days Of Success. . . 8,760 Hours Of Good Health . . . 525,600 Minutes [...]