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3 colors defines personality

DEFINE ME IN 3 COULERS: Pink(Emotional) White(Senstive) Blue(Decent) Green(Charming) Black(Deep) Orange(Proud) Yellow(Jealus) Brown(Nrvs) Maroon(confident) Peach(Naughty) Red(Innocent) Purple(Romantic) Grey(Hot) Silver(Dashing) Golden(Polite)

Chose Number And..

Choose Any One Number: 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Then I Will Tell You . . Nothing Main Kya Najoomi hon Jo Har Baar kuch Na kuch Bataon. Reply Here: Send Sms

Keh bhee do day

Today Is “Keh Bhi Do Day” So Send One Sentence About Me That You Didn’t Said Me Yet. Say Very Frankly. Reply Is Must And Fast And True As Well.

Grade me with

Grade Me With A+ A B+ B C+ C My Dressing? Decency? Proudness? Politeness? Aggression? Style? Nature? Care? Attitude? Reply Honestly.

Ammi ko meri shikyat laganey ka moka

Ager Aapko Meri AMMI ko Meri SHIKYAT Laganey ka MOQA milay. To Aap Meri Konsi SHIKAYAT Lagao Gay? Send And find Interesting Facts About you Personality. But Reply Me 1st. Hot and sexy pictures

Fill it for me

Fill it 4 Me: Colour 4 Me:___ Nick 4 Me:___ Dress 4 Me:___ Flower 4 Me:___ Advice 4 Me:___ Song 4 Me:___ Tittel 4 Me:___ Gift 4 Me:___ Reply Must… Hot And Sexy Girls Pictures

Jo mun main ay bol do

Today is “Jo Mun Main Aaye Bol Do” Day….! So What Do You Say About Me? Bolo…. Aaj To Bole he Do Yaar… Anything… Reply Must Hai.

Himmat & honsla

Agar Aap Main Himmat Hosla Taqat Jurrat Josh Jazba Junoon Deewangi Lagan Feelings Pyaar Ishq Muhabbat Balance Aur Thori C Sharam Hai To SMS Karo. Ok?