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Warth will become 3 degrees hotter

By d next 10 months, our earth will become 3 degrees hotter than its now. Our himalayan glaciers r melting at a rapid rate. So all of u lend ur hands to fight global warming-Plant more trees.- Dont waste water.-Dont use or burn plastic.-

Newyork Airport

A Pakistani’s passport was subjectd to checkng at NewYork airport, U.S.A. ..Unable to find any thing objectionable, the officr growled: ‘Have you got a criminal record?’

Get Shoaib & Sania Mirza Wedding Invitation

????? ??????? ??? ???? ?????? ??! ?????? ???? ?? ????? ??? ???? ??? KUCH SAMAJ AYA? Nahe? Sania Mirza ne mujhy wedding invitation bhaija hai: TuSsi SarRrro0o… ?

Sania & Shoaib News

Indians tUM dEKHTAY raho Khelte raho or krtay raho click Bhabi bna kr lay aya sania ko hamara malik Sania player bohat aala hai india pakistan ka saala hai. More At Geo tv

Without Zong

Mummy Dady and Baby sitting Together, . Q? . Taa K Mummy Dady Se, Dady Baby Se,

Kesa hai Ray

Arey o item ? Kesa Hai Re, Bole To Apun ko Tera Bhot yaad Aa Rela hy Re Q k

Sania Mirza sms

Sania Mirza sms APPEAL SANIA MIRZA ab PAKISTAN ki bhabi ban gayi hai is liye un k tennis match me unke HEALTHY HIPS SEXY LEGS & BOUNCY BOOBS

Taar ko tu kar ke goal

“Jab light ho out of control” “taar ko TU kar ke goal” “taar ko TU kar ke goal konda lga ke boal” “AaaaLL IS WELL” “K.e.s.c kya janey kunda kahan hoga” “Tv,fridge or fan bhe tera on hoga” “Tar utha Kunda laga Kunda laga k bol bhayya” “AAaAaAL IZZ WELL” . ~LUCKY TAHIR~ More Sms