Personal Sign

We All Have 0ur 0wn
“DO NOT DISTURB!” Sign. . .






Don’t Allow Others In Your Path

Fix Your Target
Find The Best Route. . .
Go Fast.
Don’t Allow Others In Your Path.
Chase Those Before You.
If You Do These Things,
You’ll Become The Best..






Auto Driver …!!! =p =d

Impossible things

Stand Often In The Company 0f
D r e a m e r s…
They Believe You Can
Achieve Impossible Things.

Study again and again

Height Of Thinking
Two Friends Failed In 10th Study Again N Again.. ..
1st Friend: Lets Suicide Oohhhh!.
2nd Friend: No Waaaaays !
If V Suicide Than In Next Life Again
We Have To Study From ‘Pre Nursery’

Shakespear’s wife dialogue

All Girls Are Beautiful After The Lights Are Switched Off

All Boys Are Innocent Before The Lights Are Switched Off
(Shakespeare’s Wife)

Bye Bye 2011 Sms – Tum Yaad Rakhna

Suno !!

Tum Jahan Bhi Ho

Chahe Zameen Ki Kisi

Aakhri Koney Ki Janib Nikal Jao

Beshak Humai’n Tum Bhuul Jao


Itna Yaad Rakhna

Hum Tumhari Baato’n Ko
Hawalo’n Ko

Mehfooz Rakhei’n Ge

Tumhari Yaad Ko Dil k Paas
Rakhei’n Ge

Suno !!!

Hum Tumhei’n Yaad Rakhei’n Ge … !!!

For our Pakistani leader

“For 0ur Leader”

Also be Able To Follow
If A LEADER Cannot
Follow Than That LEADER
Is Equal To Pharaoh … !!!

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Accepting 2 ideas of life

E x p e c t i n g
A c c e p t i n g
Are 2 Ides 0f Life,

-E x p e c t i n g-
Can En In Tears,
-A c c e p t i n g-
Bring You Cheers… !

Accept Life The Way It
Comes.. =)